5 Ethical Ways to Keep Your Guests Entertained at a Wedding

Holding an ethical wedding can throw up some unusual issues for you to overcome.

For instance, how do you keep your guests entertained but retain an ethical element throughout? You can do plenty of things at a wedding for your guests, but how many of them consider the environment or the social impact once the day is over? Very few.

Even if you choose to cut down on excess and have a micro wedding, you can still find yourself needing to keep people entertained. Is a simple meal and a bit of music enough? Will it make your ethical wedding remain in people’s thoughts throughout their life, always acting as a point of reference or benchmark against which other weddings are measured? Surely, that is the mark of a successful wedding, is it not?

With that in mind, here are five ethical wedding entertainment ideas for you to consider including on your big day.

Singing Waiters

Perhaps you don’t want to spend money on a band and the service? After all, the more money you spend, the bigger the impact on the environment, right? Also, if you have a band, there’s the electricity used for their instruments and lights, their fuel getting to and from the venue is also important. Why not combine the service with the entertainment? Singing waiters are a great way to ramp up the atmosphere without having a full band at your wedding. Your guests will love being serenaded by the same people who have poured their wine.

Charity Poker

You could use your wedding day for the greater good by asking all the adult guests to take part in a quick hand of charity poker. By setting up a small table, each guest could pay a modest couple of dollars for a short hand of three-card poker. It isn’t time-consuming, and as long as you provide a poker hand rankings chart for their reference, it could be great fun. Instead of the house winning, your favorite charity could be the benefactor, making your wedding very ethical indeed.

Date Night Jar

This is a cracking wedding game that will include everyone and have a knock-on effect throughout the first months, or years, of your married life. It’s a well-known fact married couples like to indulge on date nights every so often, so get everyone to propose a date night idea and pop it in a big jar. After the wedding, set the jar up somewhere at home and when date night comes around, draw a card and do as your guests say. It will keep your guests involved long after the last dance at your wedding, that’s for sure.

Wedding Bingo

Instead of party favors or other expensive products on the tables, why not have a single prize for everyone and ask them to win it by playing wedding bingo. The concept of bingo is easy; all guests have a card with different wedding occurrences on it, such as ‘bride’s father cries’ or ‘granddad takes his tie off’, or you could base it around the wedding speeches. If you come up with 50 or so, spread them out to 10 a card and make all the cards different, you could give every guest or table a card. The first to cross all the spaces wins whatever the main prize is and saves on the wastage of having lots of different gifts and favors on every table.

Personal Artist

With all those cameras clicking away, people printing pictures out and the energy being used to charge phones, you can leave a bit of a carbon footprint at your wedding. Instead, why not ask people not to take photographs or get them printed out and have a personal artist instead? They can mingle with your guests, sketching images all afternoon and evening, giving people a lovely reminder of your special day.

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