5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Dress After the Wedding

The honeymoon was amazing! Now that it’s over, you’re back and settled in your new groove and married life. But what’s to say about your wedding dress?

If you’ve hopped on the eco-friendly wedding train and plan to keep the momentum, there are several sustainable ways to reuse it. Before deciding what to do with the dress, here are five questions to ask yourself first.

1. Will I Wear My Wedding Dress Again?

Aside from photography sessions, most brides only intend to wear their wedding dress once. Did you know that the production of new clothes contributes to 10% of global carbon emissions? Production also uses hundreds of gallons of water daily. 

Unfortunately, unwanted wedding dresses eventually make their way to landfills, which also contribute to pollution. By simply donating your wedding dress after the wedding, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and conserve water.

2. Are There Other Reasons To Keep it?

For many people, a wedding dress holds sentimental value. After all, your wedding was a special day, and the dress can represent those memories. Some women may desire to pass along their beloved wedding dresses to their daughters as a family heirloom, which is wonderful. Just be aware that doing so requires proper care and preservation for long-term storage. If you decide to take this route, it’s a good idea to hire a professional!

3. Who Can Benefit From A Wedding Dress?

There are dozens of amazing charities out there that accept wedding dress donations and support a great cause. You can also find bridal boutiques that take gently worn dresses. Many of them have relationships with nonprofits, where a portion of the boutique’s proceeds go towards charities for disaster relief, breast cancer awareness, domestic violence survivor support, and more. Here is a list below of a few popular charities that specifically look for wedding dress donations: 

And if your goal is to encourage a sustainable lifestyle, donating your wedding dress does just that!

4. Am I Good At Sewing?

If you love DIY projects and searching for inspiration on Pinterest, why not sew your wedding dress into something new? Give it new life as something else you can use! Here are a few creative items to make from pieces of your gown:

  • New Dress: Hem your gown into a shorter dress that you can wear for formal events or parties.
  • Home decor: Cut the fabric from your gown and use it for decorative pillows cases, curtains, or tablecloths. 
  • Jewelry: Take the sequins from your dress and make them into earrings or necklace additions.

5. Is My Wedding Dress Worth A Profit?

And finally, remember that you can always opt to sell your wedding gown. This way, your wedding dress has a new owner and you have some extra cash! Check out local bridal stores or online platforms looking to purchase preowned wedding gowns. Below are few popular options:

For more environmentally friendly wedding ideas (and freebies!), Ethical Weddings is your one-stop shop for daily inspiration.

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