Recent bride and lifestyle blogger Davida is a gal who has cultivated a community that values a full life over health fads on her blog The Healthy Maven. After she got married, she put together 10 nuggets of wisdom that she wished people would have told her at the beginning of her wedding planning phase. No, it’s not about how to pick color palette or how to manage vendors or a spreadsheet that will make everything efficient. Instead, she speaks some truths that aren’t popular in the wedding industry and more what you would hear from a friend over a glass of wine. It has reality checks topped with a good spoonful of genuineness which is what we are all about Ethical Weddings. So make a snack (like this edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Drool.) and head on over to her post, “What No One Tells You About Planning A Wedding” so you can keep it all in perspective before you edit your wedding timeline for the twelfth time. You’ll thank me for it. Pinky promise.

Image by Sierra Ashley Photography.

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