How To Plan Your Ethical Engagement Photography Session

An engagement photography session is a great way to commemorate a special occasion while drumming up excitement for your actual wedding, so it makes sense for most couples to invest time and effort into the shoot. Choosing the right setting and photographer can help capture the beauty of the moment, but some couples choose to make it more meaningful by adding an environmental spin.

Sustainable practices during special occasions like weddings are a growing trend. More couples are now opting to ask the photographer questions about how they reduce paper waste, or request the use of low consumption lighting. Below, we’ve listed out a few other methods for increasing sustainability and reducing environmental impact during your engagement shoot.

Renting Instead of Buying a Dress

Many couples might fear that they have fewer options if they want to go the eco-friendly route, which is not necessarily the case. Plenty of stores offer designer outfits for rent, allowing you to feel like a celebrity without the waste of a custom wedding dress.

Couples can even add a layer of sustainability by renting eco-friendly dresses. Wedding boutique Dare & Dazzle, for example, offers beautiful wedding and bridesmaid dresses and accessories made with environmentally safe materials. They’re also a unique money-saving alternative, as their rental prices can go as low as $200 for ten days.

Green Outdoor Activities

The key to capturing unique moments of joy during your engagement shoot is to come up with an activity that both of you find fun. Couples can make their shoot more sustainable and meaningful by taking photos during a tree planting or beach clean-up.

Many couples might opt to shoot at unique locations for their engagement photos. In those cases, it’s better to choose zero emissions means of transportation, like a bike. If this isn’t possible, taking a bus or renting an electric car is another guilt-free transport alternative— one that you can also pick during your actual wedding ceremony.

Low Consumption Lighting

Even the best photographer can’t take a good picture without proper lighting. If you choose a scene that requires artificial lighting, LEDs seem to provide the most eco-friendly alternative. They also last much longer than fluorescent lights, which means there will be fewer spent light bulbs contaminating the environment.

A fun approach to photography sessions is to use natural lighting, but this requires the right equipment. Mirrorless cameras are better at capturing high-quality images even under low light conditions. This makes them a much greener alternative compared to the expensive camera and lighting set ups that you’ll find in professional studios.

Environmentally Friendly Photographs

Once the session is over, you won’t be able to wait to share the photos with your loved ones. But if you’re worried about the waste that comes with printing multiple copies of your photos, you can use online galleries instead. Online galleries are less wasteful, and miles more convenient as you can simply share the link with your loved ones.

If you still want physical copies, you can look for a printing company that uses eco-friendly ink options like soy ink. There are also options like printing on recycled paper or simply choosing to reduce your print run to a few special people.

Environmentally friendly photography sessions are more accessible now than ever before. From renting a dress to picking outdoor shoots and eco-friendly photos, eco-conscious couples now have the option to commemorate their special moments guilt-free. And who knows— once you’ve tried the eco-friendly route, you might end up doing the same for your actual wedding day, too.

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