5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Giving a Gift to Wedding Guests

Your wedding day is a reflection of who you are as a couple and should be echoed in every little detail. Living an eco-friendly and ethical lifestyle may seem challenging to your visiting family and friends. Inspiring them to make little changes can start with the gifts you give them.  Even the smallest gesture can bring a smile and inspiration.

1.What type of gift makes the most sense for your loved ones? 

Some guests are traveling far distances to share your special day and you don’t want to burden them with unwanted gifts or worse see the gifts get tossed. Keep it simple while still showing off for your dedicated cause of an eco-friendly lifestyle. It can be as simple as giving each guest a bamboo straw customized with a little note inspiring them to ‘enjoy the couple’s favorite cocktail’ or to ‘sip the day away’ while enjoying their own getaway.

2.What is the message you want your guests to walk away with – besides your love for each other?

Gifts are a way to express yourself and there is no better time than this day to show who you really are! You might have more than one event planned leading up to or the day after the wedding. Especially if you are having a destination wedding you want to capture as much of their time. Take this opportunity to give them unique gifts that go with the theme. If the wedding is a destination to a beach you may want to inspire your guests to be eco-friendly by giving them ocean – safe sunscreen and lip balm . It’s a win-win!

3.Will the gifts be part of the journey you have created for your guests? 

You may have planned the wedding in a climate that is different than what they are used to. If you are one of those ultra-planners you may have put together a stellar itinerary for the weekend’s events. Give your guests something that will ease them into the journey. Upon check-in give them a gift of a lovely small-batch hand salve or misting bottle affixed with your carefully planned out itinerary. This will make them feel welcome and could be the start of their eco-friendly journey.

4. What can you give the wedding party that will leave a lasting impression? 

Your wedding guests deserve something special but your wedding party is worthy of a 5 star gift. They have been there for you through thick and thin, will be with you when making special wedding decisions and by your side on the big day. Give them something that will leave a lasting impression like an eco-travel kit or other special gift from the Next Gen Gift Shop  at the Eco Collections Marketplace. They offer carefully selected items that are ocean safe, plastic-free, come in a reusable/compostable container and are ethically curated. They also carbon-offset the shipping by donating to the non-profit One Tree Planted.

5. Do I tell them their gifts are ethical or let the gift tell the message? 

There are ways to communicate and there are ways to communicate (insert wink emoji here).  Meaning that you don’t want to shame your guests into being eco-friendly or buying fair trade. This is an opportunity to provide inspiration and offerings that will guide them to make informed decisions. Your gifts can come from a woman-owned co-op or can be a small donation in their name to a non-profit that gives communities clean water. There is certainly no reason why you shouldn’t gently offer the information about the non-profit or woman-owned business that the gift came from. Who knows, they may follow in your footsteps and give the same gift again someday.

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