5 Questions For Your Ethical Wedding Dress Vendor

When it comes to shopping for that perfect dress, every bride wants her ah-ha, jaw-dropping moment. And rightfully so; all eyes on you on your big day, gorgeous! A head-turning look doesn’t have to hurt the environment to be a show-stopper. The mom-and-daughter duo behind the ethical wedding dress brand, Krustallos Couture, spill five very important questions to ask your dress vendor. 

Your big day is all about love, and with a sustainable wedding dress, you spread the love to the earth as well by minimizing your footprint. *BIG bonus* These dresses are #stunners. 

About Krustallos Couture – American-Owned Ethical Wedding Dress Vendor

We are a small American Made label of more sustainable gowns and accessories. When we found out what polyester does to the oceans and streams we decided we needed to find an alternative. For every ethical wedding dress we make, we use silk fabrics and cotton laces instead. Another way we thought to embrace nature was to move our studio to a biodiverse farm. Here we get inspiration from nature itself. We use ethical standards while constructing each gown completely off-grid. As a matter of fact, our small town is known for its love of nature. Leaving a smaller footprint is a way of life. We want to empower brides and let them know they can make a difference. Any little bit helps heal the environment for future generations.

Question 1: Do you support and offer local and/or ethically made sustainable brands?

Ethically made, sustainable brands are very important in today’s world because:

  1. Sustainability has been found to be of great importance throughout the world, given the levels of pollution we are all now facing.
  2. The oceans are especially vulnerable and crucial. More and more polyester particles (microplastics) are being found in the ocean which affects a myriad of ecosystems and destroys the ocean’s ability to absorb CO2. That’s why, when buying bridal attire, couples can set expectations in the marketplace and ask for products that will help reduce the impact on the planet.

Question 2: Where is the label in the dress stating where it was made and what fibers and/or materials were used?

It’s important to ask this question because of the many tactics in labeling that are aimed at misleading the consumer about the product they are buying. For instance, the main pretty label may say “ XYZ brand, New York”, when in reality only a minuscule percentage of bridal garments have ever seen New York and are actually mostly made in China.

Another tactic wedding dress brands use is to call their fabric by the traditional names and not the actual content name. For example, “English Net,” is really Chinese made poly netting. The tiny non-existent label that tells you what you are really buying and where it came from is usually hidden or cut out of the garment. This, by the way, goes against federal labeling laws. All bridal brands by law must be registered with the Federal Trade Commission. So always remember that if you don’t see it, ask for that label because it’s your right!

Question 3: What gowns do you carry that were locally produced and/or made ethically using sustainable practices or materials?

Only a very small percentage of bridal shops carry small, local or sustainable brands. Many times, big corporate brands will use misleading words to confuse the consumer into thinking their products are a small ethical brand. If you, as the consumer, do not ask for these products, the shops will not think to carry them. That’s why it’s important to let them know that you want better options. Remember, big-name brands are not always the best choice. Do a little extra research to find that amazing, tiny label from a small, local or sustainable wedding dress brand. 

Question 4: What does your store do to have a smaller impact on the environment?

Any little bit anyone can do helps, asking this question may encourage businesses to use more eco-friendly practices. Eliminating plastic water bottles, or maybe using biodegradable packaging when possible. We at Krustallos use renewable energy, biodegradable fabrics, ethical methods and even recycle most of our sample gowns. These are just a few things Krustallos does to leave a smaller footprint and provide high-quality, sustainable wedding dresses to conscious brides.

Question 5: Why don’t you have any ethical wedding dresses or local gowns available?

It’s important to hold businesses accountable for doing their part. By asking them why you don’t see any ethical wedding gowns in their shop, it may encourage them to change their buying method and reconsider their pricing schedule to a more sustainable practice.

Some businesses will tell you those options do not exist. Some might even tell you it’s not affordable. As a consumer, letting them know or reminding them that there are options available right here in the USA, we can encourage change in our marketplace. Our planet should be part of everyone’s bottom line when it comes to beautiful, ethical bridal fashion.

Any last sprinkles of advice you’d like to share?

We all care about the environment but few of us really know how to make a difference and ask for sustainable, ethical products for our wedding.

Remember that you are the customer, and it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for locally-made, ethical and sustainable products. If you don’t speak up, then the market will never change.

There are many affordable options out there, don’t let anyone tell you that there are not. Do your own searching for local sustainable products and be informed before you shop.

An image of Celeste and Natalie, the creators of ethical wedding dress vendor, Krustallos Couture.

About The Authors

Celeste and Natalie are a mother and daughter team of American Indy bridal designers. They embrace nature every day and get inspired by its simplicity. Each ethical wedding dress is ethically made in their eco studio for each bride, using more sustainable fabrics and techniques. Together they hope to inspire others to embrace a more sustainable way of shopping for their bridal attire. They believe that together we can all make a difference.

And we couldn’t agree more! How gorgeous are Celeste and Natalie’s gowns!? Be sure to head over to their site to browse their stunning collection of sustainable wedding dresses. An ethical wedding gown that’s gorgeous and good for the planet? Sign us up! 

Need help planning your big day consciously? Grab our getting started guide to help you plan your ethical wedding! While you’re here, peep the blog for more ethical wedding dress inspo!

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