Let’s start a movement.
I want people giving back with their wedding day to be a habit.
I want to see couples and families begun with mindful habits starting with their wedding planning.
I myself am pushing this forward here in California inspired by some rad ladies who have had this vision before me: Sandra and her team at Less Stuff More Meaning in Australia/New Zealand and Danielle with The Black Sheep Bride in the East Coast.

couple in ethical fashion on bed at Hotel G, dreaming of their ethical wedding

I see this as a resource to couples getting married: to know what things cost, to be able to exchange resources (hello sharing of reusable tableware!), to give each other fresh ideas (tips on how to best book national parks as wedding venues, etc.)

I see this as an educational platform for vendors: how can I click with socially-minded couples? What small steps can I take to give back to the community with my business? How can I be more eco-friendly in the way my daily tasks?

Where would you like to see it go?
Leave your ideas in the comments!

And, p.s. if you haven’t received your Ethical Wedding Starter Guide, sign up here:

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