Wedding days are special for couples to celebrate their love. They create the first remarkable memory on this new beginning of your love journey.

Anniversaries are milestones of your love journey. Reminisce your wedding day – see how you and your spouse have grown since then, the lessons learned, and the fond memories created with love. 

To make anniversaries extra special, we are here to give you 5 paper flower gifts from Summer Space Studio – a handcrafted paper flower studio based in NYC. Celebrate your special day in an ethical way.

1. 1st Anniversary: Bridal Bouquet recreation

Paper is a known first-year anniversary traditional gift. Take a trip down memory lane. We can recreate your bridal bouquet for that heartfelt reminder of your most special day as a couple. 

2. 4th Anniversary: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas represent gratitude, grace, and beauty which makes it the perfect representation of the four years you’ve spent with your spouse.  Show your spouse you adore them by gifting a bouquet of these gorgeous flowers. 

PS: You can request the Hydrangeas to come in any color you prefer.

3. 12th Anniversary: Peony

Celebrate your 12th anniversary with pearls. This traditional theme symbolizes purity, honesty, and wisdom. Partner it with our paper peonies with your choice of color, although we’d suggest you pick white or ivory for that timeless look that goes well with pearls.

4. 15th Anniversary: ROSE / Ruby

Let the color red rule your 15th anniversary. Roses are the classic flowers for this occasion. You can pair them up with rubies to show your passion for your spouse. Check out our Sangria bundle for the perfect present to mark this milestone.

5. 25th Anniversary: Iris

Silver is the popular choice to commemorate 25 years of marriage. On the other hand, the floral theme for 25 years is iris. This flower symbolizes faith and enduring happy marriage – a fitting theme for your anniversary. Stay true to the themes and order custom-made silver irises. Alternatively, you can have silver roses as a classic, romantic choice of flowers.

These paper flowers are made 100% by hand with sustainable and premium crepe papers.

Visit Summer Space Studio website for more information, Custom order page to submit your inquiry. 

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