Are Ethical Weddings Expensive?

Ethical Weddings are weddings that are socially impactful and environmentally conscious.

It depends: vintage, upcycled, and reusable items can be cheaper though not always.

Organic and fair-trade can generally be more expensive though not always.

But let’s break it down, if everyone in the world gets paid a fair wage, what you buy should be more expensive. Chocolate shouldn’t be a $1. Fair would be closer to $4-$8.

Maybe the question we should ask instead is, Are Ethical Weddings A Wise Investment?

You see a value shouldn’t just be a number on your bank statement. I urge you to think about the quality of life (yours and our society) for the long-term. As Papa John says, “better ingredients, better pizza.” aka high-quality little things go a long way. I encourage you to think about evaluating value not just on your own personal wallet but the ripple effect your choice makes.

Think about your wedding budget as an investment.

Some fresh ideas:

Consider upcycling a family heirloom as your wedding ring

Living florals such as potted plants for decor so you or your guests can enjoy them after the ceremony.


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